Bamboo Flooring


Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is the world's fastest growing plant with the ability to grow 3 to 4 feet a day! Eco-friendly, bamboo is actually not considered a tree, but comes from the grass family. As a highly renewable resource, bamboo is the perfect option to making your home "green." After being processed, bamboo is very similar to hardwood. It can be manufactured in a variety of options of vertical, horizontal, and strand woven. Just as a hardwood, bamboo comes in a numerous selection of colors, widths, and finishes. This fast growing grass is the perfect option for those seeking a modern twist on an old tradition.

Horizontal Bamboo

Horizontal Bamboo Flooring is known for its unique visual effect by showing the growth knuckle of the bamboo canes. This type of flooring is created by splitting the canes horizontally and pressing them all back together in the same direction. This floor is perfect for those who want to be grounded with a contemporary style while being eco-friendly.

Vertical Bamboo

Vertical Bamboo Flooring is created by cutting bamboo canes into narrow strips and hard pressing them vertically creating clean lines and an exotic visual for your floor. Vertical bamboo flooring appeals to those who seek after a floor that differs from the typical plank style commonly found. Eco-Friendly and long lasting, vertical bamboo adds direction and detail to any room.

Strand & Woven Bamboo

Strand and Woven Bamboo Flooring is created by shredding the bamboo canes then compressing the bamboo strands back together with intense pressure. This technique produces a real-wood look while using a more renewable resource. Strand and woven bamboo is able to be distressed or hand scraped providing more texture and detail. Durable and long lasting, strand and woven is what every eco-friendly consumer will want to place in their home.

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