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Solid or Engineered Hardwood?

Solid and engineered flooring are both real wood products. So which is better, engineered or solid? In a nutshell, the answer is neither. Once your new hardwood floor has been installed, you will not be able to tell the difference between the solid and the engineered versions since both are made from the same real hardwood species. While they do look the same, each flooring type has important advantages regarding acceptable substrates, installation methods, and refinishing choices. Since a few of these requirements can be somewhat technical, be sure to talk to our flooring consultant to determine which type will best fit your home's needs while staying within your budget. Be rest assured that no matter which type of hardwood floor you end up purchasing, no one but you and your installer will know the difference.

Smooth Hardwood

A smooth finish has been sanded flat for an even, polished look. Smooth finishes appeal to a broad range of audiences and are sure to add classic elegance that will enhance all styles of decorating.

Hand Scraped Hardwood

Hand scraping, also called sculpting, refers to the practice of using a scraping tool to add texture to wood. This creates ridges and valleys of various sizes that enhance the appearance of the flooring. A heavy hand scrape can be deep, whereas a lighter hand scrape will show as gentle dips and chatter marks. This beautiful finish is great for disguising every day wear.

Distressed Hardwood

A distressed finish is different than a hand scraped finish. While hand scraping has ridges and valleys, distressing shows itself through natural looking depressions, divots, worm holes and scrapes. This lovely time worn texture will add warmth, while hiding the side effects of daily use.

Wire Brushed Hardwood

Wire brushing is a form of distressing, where the wood is rubbed with a wire brush to remove the softest parts of the wood, then sanded to eliminate rough areas. Wire brushing a floor makes it look as if the wood has been grazed with a comb, leaving markings that are a different color from the main wood. This unique and distinctive texture will make your wood floor the focal point of any room.

Black Label Hardwood

We are proud to offer a full line of North American sourced products. The Black Label collection offers 3/4" solid Premium and Coastal Grades in North American species like American Cherry, Red Oaks, Hard Maples, Hickory, Yellow and Red Birch. While the Premium grade shows little to no heavy markings leaving behind clean fine graining. The premium option is understated elegance. The coastal grade is identified by darker grains, knots, & mineral streaks. The coastal option is sure to give your floor lots of character. In addition to these options we offer them UN-finished, Pre-finished in traditional 2-1/4, 3-1/4, 4" and 5" widths depending on the species. These products are perfect for the USA conscious consumer with exacting standards.

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