Laminate Flooring


Why Laminate?

Laminate flooring products have evolved over the past 25 years. With advancements in technology and manufacturing processes, we are able to provide you a laminate floor with the visual effects of beautiful hardwood. The once glued down installation method has been replaced with the click system and can be walked on instantly after it has been installed. This is the easiest installation method ever and cuts your installation time by half, putting your life back in forward motion. The high definition appliqué laid on top of each plank exposes the natural characteristics of hardwood. 

Hand Scraped Laminate

Hand scraping, also called sculpting, refers to the practice of using a tool to add texture to wood. This creates ridges and valleys of various sizes that enhance the appearance of the flooring. A heavy hand scrape can be deep, whereas a lighter hand scrape will show as gentle dips and chatter marks. This beautiful finish is great for disguising the wear that can occur over time.

Smooth Laminate

A floor with a smooth finish has been sanded flat for an even, polished look. Smooth finishes appeal to a broad range of audiences and are sure to add a classic elegance that will enhance all styles of decorating.

Light Embossed Laminate

Light emboss finishes are used to make laminate flooring appear more like real wood. The flooring has a wood grain etched into the surface which adds texture and dimension, increasing the flooring's realistic appearance. Your laminate floor will impress with its superior styling.

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