Craftsman Cedar Panels


Choose A Pre-Finished Option

Shakertown Craftsman Panels are available in natural, but can be pre-stained in virtually any color of transparent, semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid finishes from a network of independent pre-finishes. Color will vary due to the natural characteristics of wood.

Code Compliance

To fully meet high quality panel standards, Shakertown conducts a rigid in-plant quality control program. These quality control standards are systematically monitored by Timber Products Inspection, an independent inspection and testing agency. Independent testing laboratories have performed the following tests on Shakertown siding panels:

  • Racking Strength #171-081
  • Impact Load Horizontal ASTM E-84
  • Surface Burning ASTM E-84
  • Concentrated Load and Pull Tab Test W 73-387
  • Transverse Load Test ASTM E72-80

Shakertown siding meets the requirements of all major building codes.

Material Savings

Most importantly, Shakertown Craftsman's 1-Course styling creates far less waste than a 3-Course panel. Some waste can be expected around doors, windows, gables and tops of walls. With 3-Course panels, 20% of your material will go to waste, while Shakertown Craftsman 1-Course panels have only 5% waste.

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